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VaxGen and BioPort are related as biomedical defense contracters for the US government’s anthrax program. BioPort was organized to take over the operations of the Michigan Biological Products Institute (Lansing) which made the only licensed vaccine for the treatment of anthrax. The creators of BioPort appear to have solidified their agreements to do business in 1996 but did not become an official ‘paper’ entity until 1998. BioPort received enormous and unprecedented favor from the DOD and the state of Michigan to meet its contractual obligations to make AVA, then the only current anthrax treatment. With the initiation of Project BioShield in 2004, VaxGen became the new contractor candidate to create an anthrax vaccine for the National Stockpile, but due to a series of failures to meet requirements, VaxGen lost its contract in late 2006, claiming a lobby campaign against it by Emergent BioSolutions, BioPort’s parent. Between October of 2004 and October 2006, a lawsuit injunction prohibited the US military from imposing mandatory vaccination of  BioPort’s AVA. Reports of VaxGen’s “checkered past” concern the production and clinical trials of AidsVax (2003), well-known as a failure by the time of the BioShield funding, and extensively investigated by the UK London Sunday Times reporter Brian Deer.

  VaxGen and the AidsVax

Journalist Brian Deer “was passed documents dated March 22, 1999 which showed that, long before VaxGen offered shares to the public, the most important government cheerleader for AidsVax –Dr. William Heyward, head of HIV vaccine research at the CDC– had a secret deal to join the company….the company already had [a] chart on his future duties, and in January 2000 [Heyward] joined ex-CDC staffer Dr. Donald Francis, VaxGen president, who also hired former CDC deputy director Dr. Walter Dowdle to head its influential data monitoring board”

Dr. Walter Dowdle is the chief of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative.

AidsVax involved the scheming  financial activities of Agora Inc. (Baltimore) executives Jim Dale Davidson and Porter Stansberry


VaxGen and Anthrax:

VaxGen was the first recipient of a Project BioShield contract (Nov.2004),2933,137658,00.html 

Mar 24, 2006  VaxGen received a warning letter from the FDA
Nov. 3, 2006  “VaxGen Inc.’s troubled $877 million federal contract..hit another snag Friday that delayed delivery of the [anthrax] shots a third time and jeopardized the company’s future….CEO Lance Gordon said company officials hoped to meet with FDA officials soon to discuss the agency’s refusal to allow the human tests to begin…
   The Brisbane [Calif.]-based stock crashed after the morning announcement….Because the company won’t begin the human test on time, the federal government can cancel the contract.
   Even before winning the [Project BioShield] contract, had a checkered past highlighted by the flop of its experimental AIDS vaccine….Since winning the contract, however, VaxGen has repeatedly stumbled”…
Dec 20, 2006  “

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