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Sterling Drug Inc.

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Sterling Drug, Inc. was founded in 1901 by William Erhard Weiss and Albert H. Diebold of Wheeling, West Virginia, to sell a pain relief formula called ‘Neuralgine’.

During WWI, when the blockade of Germany cut down chemical imports to the US, Sterling created Winthrop Chemical Inc. to manufacture the needed active ingredients. After the war, Sterling acquired the American Bayer Company (I.G. Farben subsid.) and evolved into the leading stateside pharmaceutical house. In 1926, Sterling’s directors created a holding company called American Home Products that proceeded to acquire a variety of smaller companies with diverse products, including the Wyeth Chemical Company. Alvin G. Brush became president and CEO in 1935, holding the post for 30 years, and started a major corporate expansion overseas in 1938, operating approx. 70 plants in 40 countries. To avoid a hostile takeover in 1988 by Roche, Sterling became a division of Eastman Kodak which did not divest of it’s “health” business until 1994; until that time, however, Kodak was the owner of signature “Bayer” aspirin and its stable of popular OTC products. In the divestment of its drug business, Kodak sold the “Bayer” property to SmithKlineBeecham who sold it back to Bayer AG.


The online book, Treason’s Peace, is a comprehensive read on the status of I.G. Farben, it’s Sterling and American Bayer Co. divisions and it’s powerful presence in the industrial countries before and after WWI. The pharmaceuticals were a sturdy leg of the inter-war alliance created between Farben and Standard Oil in 1927, which drew in DuPont and other chemical giants opening new fields of industry. It is evident from Treason’s Peace how the corporate relationships developed to support the rise of the Nazis.

[page 50] “Farben was the largest corporation in Germany and greatest chemical cartel in the world; Standard [Oil] was the largest industrial corporation in the world; duPont was not much smaller and with its multiplicity of products and its stock control of General Motors, U.S. Rubber, Remington Arms, and others, it ranked with Farben and Standard in importance.”’s_Peace-German_Dyes&AmericanDupes-IG_Farben’s_Hidden_Power(1947).pdf


“The Disgraced Managers of Farben”


History of American Home Products

Wyeth runs horse ‘urine’ farm operations to make bad medicine for menopause :


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