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Pfizer was founded in Brooklyn, New York in 1849 as a maker of citric acid by chemist Charles (a.k.a.Karl) Pfizer and confectioner Charles Erhardt, two cousins from Ludwigsburg, Germany. “Charles Pfizer & Co.” built its business producing citric acid imported from Europe, and was forced to perfect its own chemicals during WWI. Expertise in deep-tank fermentation led to a US government negotiated contract to manufacture penicillin for WWII which led to a shift in Pfizer’s product output to “ethical drugs” –a term used to define medically prescribed pharmaceuticals. The largest period of Pfizer’s growth came under the leadership of John J. Powers who expanded Pfizer into 100 countries in the 1960s. One of Pfizer’s largest acquisitions in pharmaceuticals occurred in 2000 with the purchase of WarnerLambert, recorded as the largest hostile takeover in American business history, costing Pfizer $84billion. The 2002 merger of Pfizer and Pharmacia Corp, completed in April of 2003, made Pfizer the world’s biggest drug-maker. In 2004, co-distribution of the blockbuster Celebrex ( with G.D. Searle) netted $3.3billion alone in sales.

CEO and Chairman, Jeffrey B. Kindler

Board of Directors

Research and development

Pfizer’s human research and development organization is headquartered in New London, CT while their animal health research and development organization is headquartered in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The company has R&D labs in the following locations: Groton, Connecticut; Sandwich, England; La Jolla, California; Cambridge, Massachusetts; Kalamazoo, Michigan; St. Louis, Missouri. In La Jolla, Pfizer has 1,000 people with plans to create cancer drugs, a departure from the company’s cardiovascular specialties.[40]

Collegeville Pennsylvania [wikipedia] Collegeville and the surrounding area are rapidly growing. The borough of Collegeville is home to Ursinus College, as well as many local businesses. Outside of the borough, Pfizer‘s pharmaceutical division has its international headquarters. There is also a GlaxoSmithKline research and development facility.,_Pennsylvania                                   


1849 — Charles Pfizer & Company (Pfizer Inc.) founded.

In 1849, cousins Charles Pfizer and Charles Erhardt founded Charles Pfizer & Company, a fine-chemicals business, in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, NY. The company’s first product was santonin, a successful antiparasitic. (Karl Pfizer

By 1899, Pfizer was a leader in the American chemical business, with a portfolio of products that included citric acid, camphor, cream of tartar, borax, and iodine. Citric acid was Pfizer’s most profitable chemical, produced with imported concetrates of lemon and lime. In 1919, Pfizer chemist James Currie successfully pioneered the mass production of citric acid from sugar through mold fermentation, an achievement that eventually freed Pfizer from dependency on European citrus growers and positioned the company as a leader in fermentation technology. In 1941, Pfizer responded to an appeal from the U.S. Government to hasten the manufacture of penicillin to treat Allied soldiers fighting in World War II, and used its fermentation technology to become the world’s largest producer of penicillin.

From 1950 to 2000, Pfizer continued to grow, adding an agriculture division as well as several international operations, pharmaceutical plants, and research centers. In 2000, Pfizer and Warner-Lambert merged to form the world’s fastest-growing major pharmaceutical company. Today, Pfizer has three business segments: health care, animal health, and consumer health, with products available in more than 150 countries and yearly revenues of $50 billion.


Pfizer’s Deep-Tank Fermentation Plant is Named a National Historic Chemical Landmark [includes a timeline]


Pfizer’s subsid Wyeth runs horse ‘urine’ farm operations to make bad medicine for menopause :  Will you adopt a discarded animal? Consider giving a home to a ‘premarin’ horse.


Pfizer’s historic leadership:
Emile Pfizer, last of the Pfizer-Erhart family to control the company, ending upon his death in 1941
Edmund T. Pratt Jr. (1927-2002)  CEO and Chairman of the Board, 1972-1991 ;,_Jr.; graduate of Duke University with a BS in electrical engineering and Duke Trustee (1977-1988)
Pfizer Family:
Karl Pfizer
Wife: Anna Hausch Pfizer (m. 1859, d. 1908)
Daughter: Ann (d. infancy)
Son: Charles Pfizer Jr. (Pfizer President, horse breeder)
Son: Julius Pfizer (d. childhood)
Son: Gustave Pfizer (b. 1861, d. 1944)
Son: Emile Pfizer (Pfizer President, b. 1866, d. 1941)
Daughter: Alice Pfizer (Baroness Bachofen von Echt, b. 1876, d. 1951)
Alice Pfizer married to Baron Bachofen von Echt, Sept.5, 1904

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