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History of Pharmacy –international and historic bibliography of books and journals

1844 – American Psychiatric Association, American Journal of Psychiatry

1847 – American Medical Association, founded by Nathan Smith Davis; incorporated 1897; publishes JAMA 

1896 – Journal of Experimental Medicine (JEM), founded by William Welch who became president of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research on its founding in 1901. The JEM became the RIMR’s publication with director Simon Flexner as the editor as of 1903 and co-edited (overlapping) with Peyton Rous from 1921 to 1970; online archives,  

1896 – Archives of Clinical Skiagraphy [X-ray], first issue in April of 1896

1897 – American X-Ray Journal, founded by Dr. Heber Robarts who joined with the American Roentgen Ray Society (ARRS)

1900 – American Journal of Roentgenology,

1905 – Journal of Biological Chemistry, co-founded by Christian A. Herter and John Jacob Abel

Archives of Internal Medicine

American Journal of Hygiene

Journal of Immunology, online archives span from 1916 to present

Archives of Internal Medicine

Journal of Infectious Diseases, 

American Journal of Insanity

1918 – American Journal of Physiology,

The Journal of General Physiology, founded by Jacques Loeb and Walter Osterhout

American Journal of Epidemiology, online archives from 1921 to present

1924 – Journal of Clinical Investigation (JCI), online archives span from 1924 to present ,  founded with Rockefeller funding by the American Society for Clinical Investigation (ASCI) which was an outgrowth of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine created by Samuel J. Meltzer in 1903 as a member of the RIMR. ASCI history,

1947 – Journal of Radiobiology

Journal of Virology

Journal of Molecular Evolution, editor Emile Zuckerkand

1959 – Journal of Lipid Research,

1960 – The Biophysical Journal, online archives from 1998 to present

1993 – American Journal of Bioethics, founded by Glenn McGee,  or  limited sample


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