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May 2002  “Today a boom of Hugarian-US relations is necessary and possible. Moreover, this occurs at a timely period when Hungary is not yet a member of the European Union. As such, we believe that until that time she is a more lucrative partner for the US, particularly in our area of specialty. Today’s trend of modern medicine called “Personalized Medicine” can become a locomotive for the Hungarian economy. Indeed, Hungary stands ready to set international standards by linking genetic research, performed in Hungary but mostly in the USA, with powerful tools of bioinformatic computer technology available in the US that would ultimately lead to advantageous clinical trials in Central Europe. Were they alive today, Albert Szentgyorgyi and John von Neumann in all likelihood would be chief proponents of such an initiative”….”The strategic goal: to elaborate a strategic plan to enhance coordination of the US and the Hungarian “high tech” in the area of Personalized Medicine, and ensure that this will become a locomotive for economic development and will contribute to a modern and fresh image of Hungary”… 

…”Personalized Medicine is exactly the kind of “boom sector” in which Hungary would enjoy a special advantage over many competitor countries. As Hungary is not yet a member of the European Union, wages are still relatively depressed and will remain as such until she joins. At that point, American businesses will plan an exit, not an entry into Hungarian investments. By that time, current investments will appreciate significantly. Thus, HelixoMetry believes that an extremely precious window of opportunity is open for the American investor. However, this window will not remain open for long.“…

“The admission of Hungary into NATO has opened up opportunities that are not well publicized, however have been well known to experts for years. Hecht-Nielsen Computing valued at $1 Billion (in San Diego, stock symbol HNCS), is the leading neurocomputer company. It started from criminal profiling for the CIA and with a VISA credit risk analysis, secured multimillion contracts from USA government for new types of neural net pattern recognition…..Hungarian Americans, carefully shielded away and with proper clearance, contributed to US defense project through several decades (Teller, Neumann, Rakoczi, and Andras Pellionisz our Founder)”….”in the Silicon Valley of today, the “Hungarian presence” exists and is noticeable, even when compared to other well educated ethnic groups with a homeland population that far exceeds that of Hungary’s”…
…”a New York-Budapest joint venture can serve as a leading example. Indeed, in a recent press release N-Gene Research Laboratories, founded in 1997 in New York, revealed that they had signed agreements with N-Gene Kutato Intezet in Budapest. They shared $6 million in investments in the summer of 2001, obtained from the Perseus-Soros Biopharmaceutical Fund, with the ..Hungarian Venture Capital Fund being an active participant. According to the press release, the Board of Directors of N-Gene Research Laboratories mentioned that Zsolt Pal Harsanyi, Chairman of Porton International and Joseph Takacs a former partner of KPMG in New York also participated in the joint venture….Furthermore, investments in Silicon Valley made for outsourcing “on the cheap” is an advantageous consideration for Hungary….Hungarian companies need a Silicon Valley presence that can provide information on market conditions first hand.”
Read more about Dr. Zsolt Harsanyi at the ‘BioPort’ page and the ‘Anti-Radiation Drugs’ article in the center blog.
List of companies with beneficial ownership by George Soros
George Soros resource pages
It is not known how many biotech companies there are in which Mr. Soros is part owner, directly and indirectly. Stakeholder Soros has direct ownership in these biotech companies, given as examples:
Antigenics Inc. –  founded 1994 by Garo H. Armen and Pramod K. Srivastava ; maker of cancer vaccines, immunotherapeutics and adjuvant 
CollaGenex Pharmaceuticals – Newtown, PA CEO/Pres Brian M. Gallagher; products targeted for the dermatology market;
Integra Lifesciences Holding Co. – medical devices for special and general surgery, including electrode and implant devices,780.html?portalPage=Business
Viropharma Inc. – founded 1994 in Exton PA
GeoSor Corporation, NYC – wholly-owned by George Soros
Beneficial ownership of Geosor in these biotech companies:
NGene – maker of Type II Diabetes drugs and antipsychotics
“In 2007 anti-psychotics were the sixth best-selling class of drugs. The biggest providers generated USD 20.7 billion in global sales. Eli Lilly’s Zyprexa alone had product sales of USD 4.76 billion in 2007.”…
Dr. Tory Kalman
“George Soros and Andrew Sarlos launched First Hungary Fund, their American uncle-type operation. For them, Hungarian pharmaceuticals were genuine pearls covered in mud, and so they picked Biorex for development. After Sarlos passed away, Peter Rona, a ruthlessly pragmatic tycoon from the New York penthouse office of IBJ Schroeder, took charge of the project”…
Biorex  R & D Co. –
PerseusSoros Biopharmaceutical Fund, created in yr 2000 with $449million; managed by Perseus LLC
Perseus LLC, founded by CEO/Chairman Frank H. Pearl, founder of the 1991 Rappahannock Investment Company, predecessor to Perseus; member CFR, American Friends of Bilderberg; Trustee of Rockefeller Univ., Brookings Institute, etc. 
Vice-Chairman James A. Johnson, former CEO/Chair of Fannie Mae, joined in 2001.
“Perseus LLC is a merchant bank and private equity fund management company headquartered in Washington D.C., with an office in New York and associated executives in Munich…Since its inception in 1995, Perseus has made investments in more than 60 portfolio companies….with $1.5Billion in funds under management” 
Perseus-Soros Biopharmaceutical Fund, insider trading . Major holdings were purchased by Perseus-Soros in these companies:
Valentis Inc. – changed name (in a merger) to Urigen, June 2007  
Barrier Therapeutics Inc. – Princeton, New Jersey; targeted to the dermatology market,-inc.-swot-analysis-41478.asp
Bioenvision Inc. – founded 1996, New York; infectious cancer market; merger with Genzyme of Cambridge, MA [class action filed by Bioenvision shareholders who sold company stock before the news of a Genzyme merger was announced , claiming the information was held back]
Auxilium Pharmaceuticals – founded 1999,;
Adams Respiratory Therapeutics Inc. – Chester, New Jersey; makers of Mucinex
MAP Pharmaceuticals – inhalation drugs
Quotes at the top of this page:

May, 2002

András J. Pellionisz, Ph.D., Founder
HelixoMetry, Inc.
Dr. Edward Teller


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