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The Sunshine Project, , documents the history of bioweapons experiments.

News reports about Project BioShield, bioterror and related pharmaceutical development are collated here, in an archive begun  March 1, 1999:


1916 – Porton Down Biological Warfare Center was established in UK

           – events preceding the US entry into WWI involved numerous possible bio-attacks, including the case of Anton Dilger and the bombing of Black Tom Island in New York Harbor  

1918 – “Edgewood Arsenal has been the center of chemical warfare research and development since 1918.”

1937 – The Japanese used biowar agents on the Chinese and other prisoners , including vivisection and offensive weapons, under the command of Shiro Ishii at the camp in Harbin Manchuria, until the end of WWII in 1945

1942 – Fort Detrick established in US, or the United States Army Medical Research Insitute of Infectious Diseases; 92 acre campus in Frederick, Maryland that became the home of the National Cancer Institute in 1971

1942 – Dugway Proving Grounds, Tooke County, Utah, was activated by FDR in May 1942; home of the Chemical-Biological-Radiological Weapons School. USgovt films state that Dugway was the “processing station” for nuclear waste. Official website recording of tested “nerve agents, blister agents, and hallucinogens”

1945 – Fluoridation study began in Newburgh, NY, until 1955; called “Project F”, supervised by Harold Hodge of the Armed Forces Epidemiological Board (AFEB). .

           – July 16, 1945, US explodes the first Atomic Bomb at Alamogordo, New Mexico. Two bombs fall on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, August 6 and 9. Detonation and biological ‘tests’ begin in 1946 at Operation Crossroads.

1950 – USNavy initiates Project SHAD, , ship-to-shore spraying of bacterial agents mixed with chemicals. Stephen Weitzman of SUNY reported 239 experiments and biowar-releases of other types (such as germ-filled lightbulbs tossed into city subways in 1966, i.e.) were carried out.

1951 – Ship-to-shore spraying by USNavy in San Francisco of serratia marcesens

1951 – Radiation injection experiments begun in selected locations. [see “The Plutonium Files” by Eileen Welsome]

1952 – “In 1952, the Army Chemical Corps began a classified medical research program for developing incapacitating agents that continued until 1975.”

1955 – the Saint Jo Program, top secret

1955 – USArmy works on making anthrax vaccine, developed by Dr. George G. Wright and manufactured by Merck, Sharp & Dohme. In 1957 the US has its only anthrax outbreak (according to CDC) among people at the “Arms Textile Mill” in Manchester, N.H. prior to the anthrax attacks during the events of 9-11, 2001

           – the Salk polio vaccine is a “massive radiation experiment”

1956 – “Operation Big City”, cars with ‘special exhaust’ systems disperse bacillus globulii

1958 – “Project Chariot”, radioactive material dropped on Alaskan Inupiats at Point Hope

1979 – ” bio-warfare mishap in the Soviet Union that resulted in the deaths of 64 persons. Despite his earlier efforts to demonstrate the “innocent” nature of the accident, [Matthew] Meselson’s investigation incontrovertably proved that the Soviets had a secret bio-weapons program in violation of the Biological Weapons Convention.”  Meselson was a founding Fellow at the Salk Institute

1993 – Porton Down’s Center for Applied Microbiology Research (CAMR) is privatized, organized under the auspices of Citigroup’s Fuad El-Hibri who became the CEO and Chairman of BioPort of Lansing Michigan, the only licensed US producer of anthrax vaccine

1997 – The first event in the continuing rash of anthrax attacks, culminating Sep-Nov 2001, was a package delivery ‘hoax’ sent to the Washington DC chapter of B’nai B’rith

2001 – anthrax attacks, see below


Radiation Publications

Dangers of Radon; timeline

US Dept. of Energy, low-dose Radiation Research Program

Radioactive pollution/experimentation

US government document search,

General Publications

“Germ War: The U.S. Record” by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair,

“Subjected to Science”, 1996, by David Pacchioli,

“In the Name of Science: A History of Secret Programs”, 2003, by Andrew Goliszek,

“The Plutonium Files: America’s Secret Medical Experiments in the Cold War”, by Eileen Welsome

“Undue Risk: Secret State Experiments on Humans”, by Jonathan D. Moreno

Timeline –




The official case of the 2001 Anthrax attacks was closed in 2009. The solitary prime suspect, Dr. Bruce E. Ivins, was dead of “apparent suicide” (July29), reported on August 1 of 2008 just as he was about to be indicted on charges.
Timeline  >>>
Retrospective of the post-9-11 anthrax attacks, which killed 5 Americans:
The First Victim 
Oct. 05, 2001 – “Bob Stevens, 63, photo editor, the Sun, American Media, Boca Raton, Fla. Contracted inhalation anthrax. Died Oct. 5. Unknown how he became infected”
Other reports ran stories that Bob had been in North Carolina, visiting Duke University on Sept 27 and left because he didn’t feel well. It’s unclear how many days Stevens spent in N.C. or on which day he became sick, but on Oct.1, he was in the hospital in Lantana, Florida. On October 2 he lapsed into a coma and died three days later on (Friday) the 5th. Although the medical confirmation of anthrax infection came on Monday October 1, no investigation was initiated until Stevens died on Friday Oct.5. Bob’s fellow employees, who left the offices of AMI on that Friday,  never returned to the building. The account of AMI newspaper archivist Maria Peters indicates that the building housed the only collection of backissues known to exist –from the 1950s forward; hardcopies of the National Enquirer, Star, Globe, Sun, Examiner, etc– which were in the process of transcription to computer files for which employees had no back-up.
A secondhand account is given about what happened inside the AMI offices : describing the recollection of Maria Peters. 
Bob worked at American Media Inc., 4950 Communication Ave, #100, Boca Raton, FL 33431, very close (walking distance) to the Boca Raton Airport on the north side of the 95,_Inc.
[wikipedia] “The modern American Media came into being after Generoso Pope Jr. [Gene] , longtime owner of The National Enquirer, died in 1988, and his tabloids came under new ownership. American tabloids began consolidating in 1990, when American Media bought Star from Rupert Murdoch. The purchase of Globe Communications (owner of the Globe and the National Examiner) followed nine years later.
[from the hyperlink]… [MIT graduate] Pope worked for the CIA’s psychological warfare unit …Pope moved the Enquirer from New York to Lantana, Florida in 1971. By the time of Pope’s death, his GP Group, in addition to The National Enquirer, included Weekly World News, and a magazine distributor, Distribution Services Inc. It was sold in 1989 by his heirs to the company that would become American Media.”…
[hyperlink on Pope’s widow ‘Lois’] “About a year after his death, and according to the terms of Pope’s will, the executors of his estate, including former Secretary of Commerce, Pete Peterson [Blackstone Group] arranged to put the Enquirer and its sister publications up for sale. The company was bought in a closed auction by the Macfadden Publishing and Boston Ventures partnership for $412 million. [American Media was sold in 1999 to the investment group Evercore Partners. The Macfadden trade titles were sold to VNU the same year; Dutch multinational VNU ,in 1999 VNU acquired The Nielsen Company, famed for market research intelligence
…In the field of medical research, the Lois Pope LIFE Foundation is the driving force behind the Lois Pope LIFE Center in Florida, the top neurological research facility in the world.”
—”Six American Media employees in Boca Raton” were exposed to anthrax. Mr. Bob Stevens died on Oct. 5, and Ernesto Blanco was hospitalized for pneumonia.
EVERCORE PARTNERS –[wikipedia] “The Company was founded by Blackstone Group alumni Austin Buetner and Roger Altman in 1996….Evercore has recently been expanding its advisory business significantly. Now occupying the number 8 spot in US M&A transactions…The firm currently has 250 employees and offices in New York, London, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Mexico City, and Monterrey as well as a partnership with Mizuho Financial Group in Tokyo.” AMI was Evercore’s second ever purchase, after an insulation company.
Austin Beutner -(founder) , Dep. Mayor of Los Angeles, overseas airports and Port of L.A.
Roger C. Altman -(founder) ;grad of Georgetown and UChicago, Lehman Bros, Dep.Sec. of the US Treasury, Council on Foreign Relations. Altman was Evercore’s CEO/Chairman from its inception through 2009 and remains as Evercore’s Chairman of the Board ; R.C.A. is the son of a grocery broker and librarian, raised in Brookline, Mass; became Lehman’s youngest partner at age 28;  advisor/friend to the Clintons and John Kerry; resigned his Treasury post ‘under pressure’ over the Whitewater investigation;,%20Roger%20C.
Pedro Aspe – founded Protego in 1996;Minister of Finance and Public Credit of Mexico; PhD from MIT ; Protego Tank company , acquired by Evercore in 2006
Ralph SchlossteinPres/CEO; founder of HighView Investment Group; co-founded BlackRock in 1988; Dep. to Asst  Sec. of the Treasusury (R. Altman); Schlosstein May2009, new CEO of Evercore; in 1983 at the time of his marriage to Jane Hartley (media exec), Schlosstein was a VP for Lehman Bros. Kuhn Loeb; co-founder of BlackRock, the largest money manager in the world with $3.2 trillion in assets ;
Gail Block Harris – President of the Board of Directors of New York Cares; director of CIGNA Life Insurance
Curtis Hessler – founded 101 Communications LLC; Asst. Sec of the Treasury (76-81); Harvard, Yale, Berkeley, and Rhodes Scholar
Anthony N. Pritzker – co-founder of The Pritzker Group; President of Baker Tanks; Executive at the Marmon Group; Dartmouth and UChicago; Baker Tanks (largest in US),  ”From 2000 to 2004 he served as President of Baker Tanks, the nation’s leading tank and pump equipment rental business. In 1998, he was appointed by the Marmon Group to oversee Stainless Industrial Companies, a portfolio of several industrial manufacturing companies. ” Marmon Group (60% ownership by Berkshire Hathaway)
Francois de St. Phalle – Vice-Chair of Dillon, Read & Co. Inc; partner in Lehman Brothers; Chairman of Lehman International
Eduardo G. Mestre – Vice Chair; past Chairman of Citigroup bank; past Chairman of the Board of WNYC, New York’s public radio stations; Chairman of the Board of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory [a division Brookhaven Nat’l Lab]; born in Havana; grad of Harvard and Yale
Bernard J. Taylor – co-Vice Chair chief of Evercore Europe; JPMorgan Chase; CEO Braveheart Financial Services (acquired by Evercore); CEO Robert Fleming &Co.; chair of ISIS Innovation Ltd.
Robert B. Walsh – CFO; Senior Partner at Deloitte & Touche LLP; co-Founding Partner for Deloitte’s Capital Markets Group;  Board of Directors of New York Cares
William Hiltz – Sr. Managing Dir.; head of UBS Warburg Global Energy ;
Paul Pensa – acct.;Credit Suisse First Boston
Thomas J. Gavenda – acct.; formerly with Primus Guaranty
David J. Pecker became Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of American Media, Inc. (AMI) in May 1999, when along with Evercore Partners, he purchased the company…. The company’s holdings also include Distribution Services Inc. (DSI), the leading supermarket in-store merchandiser….Following 9/11 in October 2001, American Media became the first U.S. company to be targeted by bio-terrorists using anthrax, and one of its employees became the first casualty… Despite being evacuated from its corporate headquarters, Mr. Pecker moved quickly to relocate the company’s operations…
In November of 2002, Mr. Pecker and Evercore acquired Weider Publications Inc., the leading publisher of health & fitness magazines, including category leader ‘Shape’ and Men’s Fitness. It was the latest acquisition in a 20-year career that has seen Mr. Pecker complete more than $3.6 billion in magazine transactions. In April 2003, Mr. Pecker participated in the $1.5 billion recapitalization of AMI led by Evercore and Thomas H. Lee Partners.” Pecker was the prior CEO of Hachette Magazines (Diamandis Communications Inc.)
—there’s a pic o’ Pecker in the link above.
Hachette Magazines Inc., (the former Diamandis Communications headed by Peter G. Diamandis, magazine publisher, who became chief of CBS’s magazine division which he bought in 1987 changing the name and making the largest magazine business purchase in US history. ,   Hachette Filipacchi [France] is “the largest magazine publisher in the world” Hachette’s OWNER “since 1980 is Matra—–Mécanique Avion TRAction or Matra was a French company covering a wide range of activities mainly related to automobile, bicycles, aeronautics and weaponry… Matra was owned by the Floriat family…. , transitioned by stock acquisition to Lagardere Group

Matra is a Defense Contractor –”Matra Hautes Technologies (Matra High Technology) or MHT was the defence arm of Matra. The company was involved in aeropspace, defence and telecommunications. In February 1999 Matra Hautes Technologies merged with Aérospatiale to form Aérospatiale-Matra. On July 10, 2000 Aérospatiale-Matra became part of EADS.; controlling ownership and management by Lagardere SCA. EADS North America:

In Feb 2000, MATRA BAE Dynamics, “Europe’s missile giant” won the UK contract


AMI Chief Executive David Pecker told CNN he thought his company was targeted because of its name. “I think this is an attack against America. The World Trade Center was attacked, the Pentagon was attacked, and American Media was attacked, and I think this was the first bio-terrorism attack in United States,” Pecker said.

 Recently, overwhelming debt appears to be forcing AMI out of business, or into the hands of its creditors. “”It looks like a major-league collapse of the Pecker empire,” said one industry executive.” 


Two postal workers from the Brentwood facility were the second and third victims.

 Oct.21 – Thomas Morris Jr.

Oct. 22 – Joseph Curseen Jr. 


Oct.31 – “ A New York City hospital worker becomes the fourth victim to die from inhalation anthrax. Kathy Nguyen, 61, worked in a medical supply room in the basement of the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital, in an area that once housed a mailroom.”


Nov 21 – Ottilie Lundgren from Oxford Connecticut became the fifth person to die of anthrax;  …. the death of a 94-year-old Connecticut woman from inhalation anthrax yesterday has raised perplexing questions as to how she could possibly have been exposed. She was a widow who lived alone in a rural community… Investigators have been unable to identify the source of her infection.”


Additional anthrax activity

Nov 23 – “Chilean and U.S. officials confirmed the first reported case of a deadly strain of the bacteria in mail outside the United States. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta confirmed on Thursday that a letter sent from Switzerland to Chile was tainted with anthrax. The letter had been sent to Dr. Antonio Banfi, a pediatrician at a children’s hospital in Santiago.”


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