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The American-Israeli Chamber

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“The Israel-America Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AmCham Israel) established in 1965, is a voluntary organization of companies and individuals dedicated to the promotion and enhancement of two-way trade and investment between Israel and the United States of America.
The U.S. Ambassador to Israel serves as Honorary Chairman of the AmCham.”


“Harlan Jacobs…, president of Genesis Business Centers, Ltd., is also the acting executive director of the American-Israel Chamber of Commerce, Minnesota (AICCMN).” 

Central Atlantic Region:

Southeast Region:

Florida:  “Today, there are more Israeli companies listed on American securities exchanges than any country after the US and Canada.”…; the J.A.C.O.B.(Jewish American Chamber of Business) in Florida



Georgia Bio is truly deserving of the 2008 Community Partner Award for their role in working with American-Israel Chamber of Commerce, SE Region to support Israeli medical device and biotech companies. 
The relationship began in 1993 when the two organizations discussed the idea of bringing a delegation of Israeli companies to Atlanta to meet medical technology companies in Georgia, resulting in Southeast-Israel Healthcare Informatics Business Exchange in 1994, the first such industry-specific matchmaker event that has proven to be the most effective mechanism ever created to bring together US and Israeli companies to pursue business relationships.  Georgia Bio was also instrumental in supporting the Southeast-Israel Medical Technology Business Exchange held in Atlanta in 2002.
Georgia Bio has featured Israel and Israeli companies a number of times over the years through its educational events in conjunction with AICC. Videoconference events have brought audiences together in Atlanta and Tel Aviv through interactive presentations and discussions on sectors of mutual interest such as Cell & Tissue Therapy and Cardiology Innovations.  Israel was featured with a special panel of companies at their premier annual event—the Georgia Life Sciences Summit. 
Georgia has emerged as a major center of Israeli company activity through the partnership between the two organizations.  Given Imaging, Mazor Surgical Technologies, Algotec, Alpha Omega Engineering, and dbMotion established US headquarters in the Atlanta area.  The joint venture of Israel-based Proneuron with Shepherd Center, Cell Dynamics, and the Marcus Foundation was recognized as the 2004 Eagle Star “Deal of the Year.
Founded in 1989, Georgia Bio is a non-profit, membership-based organization that promotes the interests and growth of the life sciences industry.  Members include companies, universities, research institutions, government groups and other industry associations involved in discovery and application of life sciences products and related services that improve the health and well-being of people throughout the world.
Georgia Bio’s mission is to foster an environment in which life sciences companies can succeed in Georgia. To accomplish this mission, GaBio conducts business and economic development activities; advocates on behalf of the industry on public policy matters; educates the public about the benefits of life sciences research and product development; and provides a network for the exchange of ideas, information and opportunities.Georgia Bio is the state affiliate of the Washington, D.C.-based Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO), making Georgia Bio members part of statewide, national and international promotional and advocacy networks for the life sciences industry.


The Israeli companies named above:

Given Imaging  – makers of the “pill-camera”; On the board of directors; Michael Grobstein, also a director of Bristol-Myers-Squibb

Mazor Surgical Technologies –  robotically guided spinal surgery;

Algotec – radiology; beginnings from 1993 to 2000 ; Algotec merger with Eastman Kodak of Rochester New York, Jan.2004

Alpha Omega Engineering – neuroscience tech;

dbMotion – medical data collection

Proneuron – partnering with the Shepherd Center


Israeli Company of the Year

Metrolight – Netanya, US HQ in Brentwood, TN; HID lighting systems

TTI Telecom – Rosh Ha’ayin, operations center in Atlanta, GA

Waves – Tel Aviv, US HQ in Knoxville, TN; “world’s leading developer and supplier of software-based audio signal processing tools”

T.I.B.A. Parking –


Verint – “Witness” system

Cellint – “detection” solutions “Cellint is a global pioneer in providing detection solutions based on mobile networks. Cellint’s proprietary, patented technology utilizes pattern matching analysis on anonymous, real-time data extracted from the signaling links of mobile networks for all active mobile phones.”


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