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2001 Anthrax

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TIMELINE    from
2001 –”In March 2001, an alert was issued by the National Counterintelligence Executive, a branch of the CIA, warning federal employees to be aware of “suspicious visitors to federal facilities.” There had been reports of Middle Eastern persons showing up at government buildings—many of them DEA offices—claiming to be Israeli art students. At first it was thought the Israeli art students might be Arab terrorists planning an attack. However, it later turned out the art students were indeed Israelis.” … ry-solved/
In April [2001].., Gulfstream Aerospace parent company General Dynamics announced it would purchase Galaxy Aerospace for $330 million cash”…Galaxy is headquartered at Ross Perot’s Alliance Airport outside Fort Worth –”In the spring and summer of 2001, eight additional hijackers arrived in the United States and settled in Florida. Nine opened SunTrust bank accounts. Three others arrived in San Diego, rounding out the five-man team based in California.
 –July 10Gloria [Irish] first met one of the terrorists when he walked into the office of her company, Pelican Realty, around July 10.
 – “In August 2001, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld resumed the [BioPort anthrax] vaccine program, but only on a limited basis”..
Sep 1 — “a Canadian study published on Sept.1, 2001…indicated that anthrax particles might be small enough to seep out of microscopic pores in envelopes” [see footnote]   – 
[snip] Early September 2001: NY Times Investigation reveals Battelle to make genetically altered anthrax. In the first few days of September 2001 – immediately prior to the attacks of the 11th, the New York Times carried a major investigation which at any other time would have been a story of huge significance…It revealed three secret bio-defence projects at a time when the American people believed none was taking place. One – run by a contractor – Battelle – was to create genetically altered anthrax…
[snip] September 4. 2001: Details have emerged regarding a number of biological weapons research programs initiated by the United States. Under “Project Bachus,” Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) officials constructed a BW production facility using only materials readily available on the commercial market and produced “simulated” BW agents in 1999 and 2000…[The New York Times, September 4 and 5, 2001..]
BEFORE September 11 — Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly will later say (see Nov.1) that they received several anthrax threat letters before 9-11; Hannity will declare his matched the anthrax-containing, block-lettered envelopes. 
September 11  ..”On the night of the Sept. 11 attacks, the White House Medical Office dispensed Cipro to staff accompanying Vice President Dick Cheney as he was secreted off to the safety of Camp David, and told them it was “a precaution,” according to one person directly involved…”
Sep 18 –”Investigators believe seven letters containing anthrax spores were mailed….Two recovered letters did not have a return address but were postmarked 2001-09-18 in Trenton, New Jersey”.. These two letters were sent to NBC News and the New York Post      —”On September 18, 2001, a scientist in Milwaukee tells police that he is building an anthrax delivery system in his basement. The unnamed scientist is drunk and having a dispute with a neighbor when he makes the comments to the police…The man is said to work in a bowling alley, but had worked as a senior research scientist at Battelle Memorial Institute, a private contractor working with the US government on bioweapons programs including anthrax. He was fired from Battelle in 1996 and again in 1999.”
 [[2008, 3 anthrax hoaxes]]
* day-by-day Anthrax Attacks from Sep 18 to Dec 8:
Sep 19 –this is the recalled day that AMI editor Bob Stevens and others opened the “Jennifer Lopez” love letter
Sep 20 –NBC  letter, addressed to Tom Brokaw, is postmarked Sept.20 from St. Petersburg, Fla…”The Brokaw letter matched two other biothreat letters….One was sent to Judith Miller [opened Oct.12]…and the other to Howard Troxler, a columnist for the St. Petersburg Times.” * … ry-solved/
 …”During this period, the DEA was investigating the activities of Israeli organized crime. Israeli mobsters, along with the Russian Mafia, control the distribution of the drug Ecstasy in America. It should be noted there is no real difference between these two criminal organizations. It has been known for a long time that the Russian Mafia is made up of Russian Jews from the former Soviet Union. Questions still remain: Why were Israeli spies posing as art students interested in the activities of the DEA? What connection does the Mossad have with the Russian Mafia? The conclusion that best fits the known facts is that Israeli intelligence launched an operation against the DEA to protect their new intelligence asset, the Russian Mafia, from prosecution. After September 11, the activities of Israeli art students were seen in a new light. The FBI began to investigate the trail left by the Arab hijackers and found many of them had residences in Florida. Interestingly, one third of the art student spies were also based in Florida. It was discovered that some of the Israeli art students had addresses in the same locations as the hijackers. One commentator said that, at times, they were just yards apart….” 
Sep 21 –The NY Post, Johanna Huden, “determined to be the first victim”, notices a blister on her finger which bursts the next day…She goes to a doctor on Sept. 29 but is “not properly diagnosed for weeks” 
Sep 22 –Hamilton postal center; Richard Morgano “has two mosquito-bite-sized spots on his arm”
Sep 24 –Boca Raton, AMI; Ernesto Blanco “has onset fatigue which turns to fever, cough on Sept.28″
Sep 25 –Phillip Zack sent a letter to the FBI implicating Dr. Assaad          
      –Stephanie Dailey, in the American Media Inc. mailroom, opens a second letter, believed to contain the anthrax that contaminated the Boca Raton building. (refer to Ed Lake)          
    —”An envelope at NBC was tested negative. (The same envelope who later tested positive in October). This information didn’t become public. Barry Mawn, FBI doesn’t allow to investigate the NBC-Anthrax “ [from ]
Sep 26 –Bob Stevens first showed symptoms of sickness, according to his wife Maureen and their doctor Larry Bush, and yet he left for a 5-day driving trip to his daughter’s home in North Carolina(?)…”Mr. Stevens had traveled with his wife to visit a daughter and go hiking in North Carolina, but became ill on the drive back to Florida.”
Sep 28 — child of ABC News employee is exposed and develops cutaneous anthrax…”when Dr. Borkowsky first examined the infant’s skin lesion on Oct. 2, tests showed no evidence of anthrax. The infant also suffered kidney damage, bleeding and a type of anemia that rapidly destroyed red blood cells and required four blood transfusions. ”The syndrome this child had had never been described in anthrax” but had been linked to spider bites, Dr. Borkowsky said…[on Oct.12] Dr. Mostashari said the infant’s lesion looked exactly like the one that he had seen four hours earlier in Erin O’Connor, 38, the first recognized anthrax victim in New York City.
Oct 1 –AMI coworker Ernesto Blanco is hospitalized at Cedar Medical Center in Miami for pneumonia; Blanco has chronic respiratory disease. Overnight, at 2am on the 2cd, Bob Stevens checked into JFK Medical, adjacent to the Lantana Airport which has a ban on jet traffic –Stevens’ spinal fluid was flown by jet to Arizona on the 3rd.      —  ”The woman at CBS developed cutaneous anthrax, the most treatable form of the disease, on her cheek on Oct. 1.”….”Dr. Richard P. Fried told the city health department on Oct. 1 that a patient might have anthrax.”
Oct 2 — at 2am, Maureen Stevens drove her husband to the hospital. …”the patient himself was unable to communicate — he was in a coma when he arrived at the hospital in Atlantis, Fla., and died without regaining consciousness. So health workers had to interview his wife and family to reconstruct what he did during the preceding two weeks. …In all their work, the epidemiologists ”found nothing that was suspicious,” said Dr. James M. Hughes, a top C.D.C. expert who oversaw the investigation from Atlanta….Meanwhile, C.D.C. workers sought advice from Dr. Philip S. Brachman, an expert in anthrax epidemiology and a former director of the Epidemic Intelligence Service…Dr. Brachman said he reviewed his records from his days as an officer with the epidemic service in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, when he investigated anthrax cases that developed among workers exposed to contaminated goat hair and wool at three mills in North Carolina and one in South Carolina. The mills are now closed, but given how long anthrax spores can live in the environment, Dr. Brachman wondered if Mr. Stevens could have contracted the disease in one of the cities where the mills had been.” *,Stephen.shtml
   —“Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen reports that on October 2, 2001 – just two days before the first anthrax case was reported in Boca Raton, Florida and a week and a half before the first anthrax was sent through the mail to NBC News in New York – Advanced Biosystems received an $800,000 grant from NIH to focus on very specific defenses against anthrax: ”
Oct 3 –” doctors determine that Robert Stevens in Florida has been infected with anthrax (see October 3, 2001). A culture of anthrax bacteria is grown from a sample of his spinal fluid and quickly flown by corporate jet to Paul Keim. Keim is a geneticist at Northern Arizona University who had recently developed a means to distinguish between strains of anthrax. He and his team gets the sample on October 4 and work all night. By Friday morning, they tell investigators that it is the Ames strain of anthrax. (Flam 9/1/2008) The media will first report that the anthrax was the Ames strain on October 10. (Breed 10/10/2001) Despite Keim’s findings, the FBI will approve the destruction of a vital repository of Ames samples, also on October 10 (see October 10-11, 2001).”
      —…”the Florida Department of Health laboratory was able to provide a rapid diagnosis of anthrax, thanks to the efforts of technicians who had recently completed a training course as part of the Laboratory Response Network funded with bioterrorism response money.”
Oct 4 –An “unusual” large team of 15 epidemiologists from the CDC are dispatched (13 by private jet) to South Florida         — news media and  AMI employees are informed of Stevens’ condition Oct 5 –Stevens dies at JFK Medical Center (Lantana). Another worker at AMI, chief librarian Martha Moffet, is ‘out’ with pneumonia at the time. Investigators go to the Stevens’ home, seal it with crime-scene tape, and test for anthrax. They find nothing.      
—”[Stevens] had returned from a visit to North Carolina, but the only place he was known to have visited was Duke University about a week ago, said Debbie Crane, a spokeswoman for the North Carolina Department of Health..” [New York Times]     
       —St. Petersburg, hoax letter postmarked this day to Judith Miller (and presumably Howard Troxler)
Oct 7 –[Sunday] AMI lawyer and VP Michael Kahane is called at 4 p.m. to evacuate and close the building. Hours of phonecalls ensue to instruct AMI employees to report to the health department in the morning.
Oct 9 –two letters to Senators Daschle [opened in the Hart Building office Oct.15] and Leahy [opened by experts Dec.5] are postmarked from Trenton. These bear the return address “Greendale School”         
     — Troxler, from the St. Petersburg Times, receives a hoax letter that matches the  Judith Miller letter      
     ––”Ms. O’Connor’s case [NBC News] of cutaneous anthrax was diagnosed on Oct. 9, rattling the city and setting off an intense investigation into its source…Dr. Fried said that on Oct. 1, after he first examined Ms. O’Connor, he told her she might have an infected spider bite or Lyme disease, but he did not mention anthrax…he re-examined Ms. O’Connor on Oct. 3 and on Oct. 8, when the lesion had developed into a black crust, which is characteristic of cutaneous anthrax.  But Dr. Fried and the health department were perplexed because anthrax did not grow on the culture taken from the skin lesion.”
On Oct.19 the NYTimes wrote “a few spores have been found at NBC”
Oct 10 –Stephanie Dailey, from AMI’s mailroom, is the third employee to test positive for anthrax and the last confirmed case in Florida –all Florida cases (3) are limited to AMI, despite contamination in 6 post offices      
       — “..a postal supervisor, Laura Jones..died on Oct.10 and..worked at the Morgan Station [NYC] distribution center…Her death..had been attributed to hypertensive cardiovascular disease” [Oct 28, New York Times]
Oct 12 –Judith Miller opens a hoax letter at her office   …”Born in New York City to a Jewish father and an Irish Catholic mother, Judith Miller grew up in Miami and Los Angeles, where she graduated from Hollywood High School….Judith Miller attended Ohio State University…She graduated from Barnard College in 1969 and received a master’s degree in public affairs from Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. In 1971, while at Princeton, Miller traveled to Jerusalem to research a paper. She became fascinated with the Israeli-Palestinian dispute, and spent the rest of the summer traveling for the first time to Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon”…Miller started at the Washington bureau of the New York Times in 1977, part of a new post-Watergate intake. She and her boyfriend Steven Rattner, also a Times reporter, became close friends of Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Jr., the son of the publisher of the Times….For several summers, Miller and Rattner shared a weekend house on the Eastern Shore of Maryland with Sulzberger and his wife Gail. In 1992 Sulzberger became publisher of the Times in his own right.”    
     —”So far, weapons experts say, the Florida case appears to be crude bioterrorism…the Florida anthrax particles apparently came in three sizes..” [New York Times, Oct 12, 2001]
Oct 15 –Daschle letter is opened  “.. 31 workers on Capitol Hill were exposed to anthrax spores from a contaminated letter sent to the office of Tom Daschle, the Senate majority leader.”
Oct 16 — White House press briefing, “QUESTION: Ari, can you talk about what the volume of mail response is to the White House, from the president’s request that children send in dollars for children in Afghanistan?
QUESTION: And also is there any concern at the White House that the president solicited this mass mailing right before we have all these concerns about what’s in the mail?… of yesterday afternoon the White House had received some 8,000 pieces of correspondence addressed to the children of Afghanistan, and then by 9:15 this morning it had been upped to 18,000. So obviously it’s coming in, and the president is very pleased..”
Oct 17  ”Dr. John Agwunobi, the Florida secretary of health, said that health officials had tested 1,100 people, only 3 of whom have tested positive for anthrax exposure….But Dr. Agwunobi made no mention of five additional American Media employees who senior company executives have said tested positive for anthrax antibodies….State health officials also said today that they were testing a summer intern at American Media for exposure to anthrax after he suddenly became ill and was hospitalized on Sunday with flulike symptoms, a high fever and possible pneumonia….”He had a little fever,” said Hank Arizmandi, the student’s father. ‘ They thought the low-grade fever might be attributable to recent dental surgery. Jordan had a nasal swab for anthrax that came back negative. At the hospital, he was also given a blood test for anthrax.’ “
Oct 18  –Officials in Kenya and Argentina report finding anthrax spores in letters mailed from the United States.      —  ” Three days before anthrax was first detected in Florida, a Manhattan doctor called the New York City Department of Health to report a suspicion: one of his patients might have contracted anthrax.”
Oct 19   The response to the new anthrax case at CBS News was decidedly lower-key….The CBS News building, on West 57th Street in Manhattan, was not evacuated. Workers — including the woman who tested positive for anthrax spores — remained at their jobs. And health officials did not recommend antibiotic treatment for large numbers of workers. All this was in sharp contrast to the response at NBC when a case of cutaneous anthrax was diagnosed in an assistant to Tom Brokaw on Oct. 9, said Dr. Stephen M. Ostroff, an epidemiologist from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

     – Brazil
New York Times officials say that an envelope postmarked in New York City and received at the newspaper’s Rio de Janeiro offices contained anthrax.

     – Argentina
In Argentina, health officials say a travel brochure mailed from Florida to Argentina tested positive for anthrax.

Oct 21 –Thomas Morris Jr., Brentwood Road (Wash DC) postal worker, dies
 Oct 22 –Joseph Curseen Jr., Brentwood postal worker (from Clinton, MD), dies. Mr. Leroy Richmond, who was diagnosed with inhalation anthrax, is expected to recover.     
      –A stamp center in Kansas City, Missouri isolates mail from Brentwood after employees wastebaskets test positive; “On Monday Oct.22, Stone ordered the trays [from Brentwood] set aside and shrink-wrapped. None of the Brentwood mail has tested positive for anthrax…and it was unclear how the  employees trash might have been contaminated…200 workers were advised to take antibiotics as a precaution”  
Oct 23  “Protection against biological and chemical attack was never very high on lists of national priorities — until the days after Sept. 11, when it collectively occurred to Americans how vulnerable they were.” [wrote Lawrence K. Altman MD, of the NYTimes] 
Oct 24 – ”We don’t have much data on humans,” said David R. Franz, former commander of the Army’s germ-defense laboratory at Fort Detrick, Md. ”Most of what we know is based on 3,000 monkeys.  There is hardly any human data on the effects of inhaled anthrax spores.”     
      — “The inspector in charge of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service’s main forensic laboratory told [AP news]..that investigators were confident there have been only three anthraxtainted letters sent through the mail…’I still think we’re dealing with three letters’ said Roy W. Geffen, who runs the lab in suburban Virginia. ‘That’s the best information we have.’ ”
Oct 25 ..”Dr. Schuchat [CDC] said, ”In the Washington, D.C., area, very nonspecific, unimpressive symptoms in a postal worker should be taken extremely seriously.” She added that experience so far has shown that a patient whose symptoms ”would not cause an excess amount of concern” can quickly become critically ill….Yet the diagnosis can be a major challenge for even the most astute doctors….Centers for Disease Control officials warn that for all their epidemiological value, nasal swabs have little or no value in diagnosing anthrax in patients…Dr. Fleming added that studies in monkeys suggested that anthrax spores disappeared quickly after appearing in the nose.”
 ___________ Pentagon turns to Israel for advice on biological attacks
By Ellis Shuman October 25, 2001 “The Israel Defense Forces and Israel’s Ministry of Health reportedly provided the Pentagon this week with detailed documents of operational procedures for dealing with biological attacks. According to a report in Yediot Aharonot, Israel’s leading daily newspaper, the Americans requested the documents, prepared by the IDF’s Home Command and Medical Corps, due to the high respect the U.S. has for Israel’s preparedness against such attacks. This week, the IDF’s military liaison in the Pentagon reportedly gave the Americans a copy of a file and documents entitled, “The medical guide for dealing with and treating those injured by agents of biological warfare.” The guide was prepared by the IDF Home Command and the Medical Corps “biological department,” as well as the Health Ministry. The Israeli medical guide relates primarily to missile-borne biological attacks, but much of the information provided could be utilized in situations where anthrax exposure is based on mail delivery as well.
 Oct 27 — ..”London Times claims that Atta was given a flask of anthrax by an Iraqi agent in April 2001″  
 Oct 28 — “New Jersey health officials said the bin at the Princeton Main Post Office in neighboring West Windsor tested positive for what they said was a tiny ’single colony’ of anthrax” [New York Times]  
Oct 30 –”Investigators coiuld not find even a single spore of anthrax near Ms. Nguyen’s home in the Bronx, or at Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital where she worked”  
Oct 31 –fourth victim, Kathy T. Nguyen, a worker in the basement supply room at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital, dies from inhalation anthrax. Her work area was once the mailroom. …”the source of Nguyen’s infection remains unknown. A co-worker’s suspicious lesion has been determined not to be anthrax.” ….”it is not known what mail she might have handled at her job at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital, or at home in the Bronx. So her death appears to broaden the population that must be concerned about vague flulike symptoms.” “Kathey immigrant from Vietnam who lived alone..and commuted by subway..died at Lenox Hill Hospital….[she] had been too sick to help the..investigators” .  Nguyen’s job was distributing supplies around the hospital. White House spokesman, “Ari Fleischer said a coworker of Nguyen has a suspicious lesion…There are no results yet, he said…’Somebody is trying to kill the American people by sending anthrax through the mail’ Fleischer said.”
 Nov 1 — “Fox News Channel..Sean Hannnity and Bill O’Reilly were hit by threatening letters similar to those laden with anthrax….The letters arrived before Sept. 11…[and] bore a postmark from Indianapolis, where the Post Office discovered yesterday that some of its equipment is contaminated…Hannity said that he’d begun receiving suspicious mail last winter and again in August…. The ‘Hannity & Colmes’ co-host revealed that in addition to the letters with an Indianapolis postmark, “one or two were from Trenton (N.J.), “where traces of anthrax have also been reported.” Hannity said he hasn’t gotten any more..since the Sept. 11 attacks and hasn’t been tested for anthrax exposure.”  SOURCE:  “Jan. 31, 2000 –WEST PALM BEACH, FLA. — William Rees-Mogg, former editor of The Times of London, has joined the international advisory board of … has, in its first 15 months, become the leading news site on the web” [Rees-Mogg, Vice-Chair of the BBC Board of Governors (1981-1986)]…”Prudential Securities stated that is “one of the web’s truly great new sites”…”In November 1999, expanded into the financial news arena”. Rees-Mogg is the Chairman of Newsmax Media, originally registered by Ruddy in Nevada on 8-20-1998, filed in Florida, Sept., at 560 Village Blvd, Ste. 120, West Palm Beach 33409 “Christopher W. Ruddy started on September 16, 1998, supported by a group of politically conservative investors, including the family of the late Central Intelligence Agency Director William J. Casey. Later, Richard Mellon Scaife, his former employer at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and a supporter of conservative causes, invested in the fledging company. One of the initial board members was author James Dale Davidson who edited a financial newsletter that had shared Ruddy’s interest in the alleged suicide of President Bill Clinton’s aide, Vincent Foster. Davidson’s co-editor, Lord Rees-Mogg, former editor of The Times and Vice Chair of the BBC” —later became chairman of Newsmax Media – Long Island, NY native; alumnus of London School of Economics and Hebrew University, Jerusalem; media fellow of Hoover Institution; former New York Post and and Pittsburgh Tribune-Review contributor. The Times (London) and The New York Post are/were owned by Rupert Murdoch  (News Corporation)
Nov 1 — [New York Times] “spores were.. found in four of the five mailrooms of the Food and Drug Administration’s headquarters in Rockville, Md.” (from 11/2 news)      
Nov 1   – Anthrax in Lithuania
In Lithuania, a laboratory confirms that traces of anthrax were found in a mailbag from the US Embassy, the first such case in Europe. The embassy mailroom is sealed off and the 120 embassy employees are offered antibiotics.
Nov 2  – Anthrax in Pakistan
Overseas, Pakistan’s largest newspaper evacuates some of its editorial offices after anthrax is found on a letter.

         –Anthrax in India
In India, the health secretary of a western state says that powder found in an envelope in a government office has tested positive for anthrax and will be examined further.


Nov 4 –WASHINGTON: The anthrax scare spread further as deadly spores were discovered at yet another mail distribution center in New Jersey, while investigators in Washington studied a suspicious letter sent to the US Treasury Department.
The New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services announced late on Saturday that one of the environmental samples taken by the FBI in the Bellmawr Mail Distribution Center last Wednesday came back positive…Health officials focused their attention on the Bellmawr center after a Delaware resident who works there came down with skin anthrax”..  …”CNN reported on its website that the mailroom at a Veteran’s Administration Hospital in Washington has tested positive for the presence of the bacteria.” –  “The government has begun taking steps to cope with the possibility of a terrorist attack involving smallpox by training doctors to recognize the disease and by vaccinating small teams of experts…Last week, the disease centers vaccinated about 140 members of epidemiologic teams that can be summoned at a moment’s notice”
Nov 6 –” Anthrax arrives in Russia in US mailbag
The US consulate in Yekaterinburg, Russia, reports that one of six diplomatic mailbags received from Washington Oct 25 tested positive for anthrax spores. The consulate asked Russian health authorities to test the mail Oct 26 after a State Department mailroom employee in Virginia contracted anthrax. Yekaterinburg, formerly called Sverdlovsk, was the site of an anthrax disaster due to an accidental release in 1979.”
Nov 10 – “The E.P.A. conducted tests of Mr. Daschle’s office on Nov. 10 and on Nov. 15, in part to answer the question of whether the spores would stick to an object or become airborne again. The office, and the entire Hart Senate Office Building, have been closed for decontamination since Oct. 26.”
Nov 15 –”$3.2 billion Kennedy-Frist bioterrorism bill introduced
  Sens. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., and Bill Frist, R-Tenn., introduce a bill to authorize spending $3.2 billion to combat bioterrorism. The bill would authorize $1.5 billion for state and local preparedness in fiscal 2002, including hospital preparedness, and $400 million to improve oversight of the nation’s food supply.”…
Nov 16 — The Leahy letter is “discovered Nov. 16 in a barrel of unopened congressional mail” where it leaks “like a sieve”
Nov 20 – “Anthrax traces in Kennedy and Dodd offices…offices are both in the Russell Senate Office Building.”
Nov 21 –Ottilie Lundgren, 94, of Oxford Connecticut, dies of inhalation anthrax. Tests in and around her home come back negative, baffling authorities…”Lundgren died at Griffin Hospital in Derby the same day the CDC confirmed that she had inhalation anthrax. CDC spokeswoman Nicole Coffin says testing so far has shown that the strain of anthrax that killed Lundgren was similar to anthrax found in other recent cases.”
Nov 23 – “Chilean and U.S. officials confirmed the first reported case of a deadly strain of the bacteria in mail outside the United States. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta confirmed on Thursday that a letter sent from [[Zurich]] Switzerland to Chile was tainted with anthrax. The letter had been sent to Dr. Antonio Banfi, a pediatrician at a children’s hospital in Santiago.”
Interestingly, this link provides a description of Israeli art students who were ‘caught’ and profiled by the DEA  carrying passports issued in Buenos Aires,Argentina and Santiago, Chile   [The Royal Society of Liechtenstein “administrative functions are conducted in Zurich” ; and they had a Florida address]
*News from :

Nov 25 – “The Sep 11 events have led to new opportunities to address preparedness and consequence management, says Margaret A. Hamburg, a former assistant secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services in the Clinton administration who heads the foundation’s biological projects.”

Nov 27 — “Smallpox virus can be homemade”

Nov 28 — “US to buy 155 million doses of smallpox vaccine
United States health officials agree to buy 155 million doses of a new smallpox vaccine from a partnership between Acambis, a British-based company, and Illinois-based Baxter International..”    [[Acambis was acquired by Sanofi-Aventis in 2008]]

Dec 1, 2001 — “Investigators have found a trace of anthrax bacteria on the outside of a letter sent to a residence in Seymour, Conn., about 1½ miles from the home of an elderly widow who mysteriously died of the disease last week….The newly discovered Seymour letter — a business letter sent to an estate liquidator who works from home — was postmarked in Trenton, N.J., and dated Oct. 9 — the same day that letters containing billions of deadly spores were mailed to Sens. Patrick J. Leahy (D-Vt.) and Thomas A. Daschle (D-S.D.)….Joxel Garcia, Connecticut’s public health commissioner, emphasized that the Seymour letter bore only the slightest contamination. “Very, very small amounts — one colony,” he said….On the reverse side of most mail, a machine prints a faint orange bar that reveals the date, time, location and machine that sorted that piece of mail.Then an automated sorter scans the destination information for each piece into a computer. It is that computer file that led investigators to 88 Great Hill Road in Seymour, home of John S. Farkas, 53.”

     —-”A MadCowMorningNews investigation has revealed that San Diego defense contractor Titan Corp is at the center of a private intelligence network engaged in a broad range of criminal activities with seeming impunity, everything from drug trafficking to white collar crime that includes massive stock fraud cumulatively totaling billions…The companies involved market products to businesses and consumers that were originally developed for grandiose defense schemes like the U.S. Stars Wars program, or dreamed up in the labs of the CIA, Mossad and other intelligence agencies….Titan Corp’s most curious partner [is] Miami attorney Michael D Farkas…. Today Farkas and Beni own a company attempting to market Israeli anti-missile technology to U.S. airlines and owners of commercial aircraft…..Of course, it is Titan’s still-unexplained involvement with both Michael Farkas and the company he founded, SkyWay Aircraft of St Petersburg, FL., which is ultimately the firm’s most intriguing criminal connection….  Skyway is the company recently in a spotlight of unwanted media attention (okay, a flashlight of attention, from only the MadCowMorningNews) as the owner/operator of “Cocaine One,” the DC9 caught carrying 5.5 tons of cocaine in Mexico in April for which no one, apparently,  is responsible.” 

Dec 3    ..”Suddenly, the United States Postal Service was recognized as a spore-spreading system.  In the last three days, even the most enigmatic of the five anthrax deaths — the cases of a Connecticut widow and a New York City hospital worker have been shown to have possible links to the mail. Letters that passed through a Hamilton, N.J., sorting center within seconds of the tainted letters sent to two senators on Oct. 9 had gone to the neighborhoods of these two victims, investigators discovered….Many conundrums posed by the postal assaults will not be resolved quickly, officials said….There is still nothing leading investigators back toward the source of the anthrax, Mr. Mihalko said.”

Dec 4, 2001  ..”Until the intentional spread of anthrax in recent months, only 18 cases of inhalation anthrax had been reported since 1950, and 227 of the skin form from 1955 to the beginning of the intentional spread this fall.”…

Dec 19   The Hartford Courant  …”.Barbara Hatch Rosenberg, a microbiologist affiliated with the Federation of American Scientists, earlier this month.. predicted that the perpetrator is an American microbiologist with access to weaponized anthrax, that likely came from a government lab or one contracted by the government.”

Dec 25 –  “Thousands of postal employees and workers on Capitol Hill who took antibiotics because they were exposed to anthrax two months ago now face a difficult new medical decision: whether to take an anthrax vaccine to forestall the slim and theoretical possibility that they may still develop the disease….health officials last week were forced to do what they rarely do — confess ignorance about the risks of a disease and its treatment options….For example, on Sept. 21, a few days before the first cases in the outbreak of the deliberate spread of anthrax, Tommy G. Thompson, the health and human services secretary, confidently said on CBS’s ”60 Minutes,” ‘We’re prepared to take care of any contingency, any consequence that develops or any kind of bioterrorism attack.’…Because the vaccine has never been used to prevent anthrax after people have been exposed to spores, its effectiveness in such circumstances is unknown and it is classified as experimental.”

“According to statistics from the CDC, its laboratories and other members of the agency’s Laboratory Response Network tested over 125,000 samples during the period following the first reports of the outbreak. In several cases, some state and local laboratories were so overloaded with testing requests that they contemplated setting up triage procedures to prioritize tests…the reported difficulties in meeting testing demands highlight the need for those laboratories to ensure a surge capability for possible future bioterrorist incidents. Ensuring adequate laboratory capacity was one of the issues raised during a December 2001 meeting convened by the CDC to examine lessons learned from the anthrax response and to chart a research agenda for preparing for future attacks.”



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